map is not a function

I am trying to loop through an array of objects I received from an Ajax request. For some reason I am not able to use the map function even though I’m sure that my data is an array. I am just learning React and know there must be some underlying concept that I’m missing but can’t figure it out.

Here is my code.

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You haven’t called search() yet. You bind search() to onClick but before that your state.searchVal value is No data yet so it not an array.

You can either call search() at some lifecycle method or set default value for state.searchVal: [] at constructor

You need to change the initialization of searchVal

When the render() function is called the first time, searchVal is still a String (‘No data yet’), not an Array, that’s why map doesn’t work.

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У меня ведь функция InitMap вызывается с параметрами (my_coords,lat,lng) в случае успешного запроса аякс.

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I am new here (and new to JavaScript), so please excuse my super basic questions. I have a HTML page with different images that all share a class on it. By using getElementsByClassName, I get an array. I want to add an event listener to each of the cells in the array by using the .map() function.

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