lookup for the client public failed

когда-то так уже было, через несколько дней само прошло (я тогда грешил на забытый пароль, но с ним всё оказалось в порядке)

как эту дрянь исправлять?

(поиск на офе, в основном, рекомендует обновить лаунчером 🙁 )

Upd. как и в прошлый раз — само прошло
чё это было??

The Scenario goes as follows :

i’m coding a java enterprise application

first i created entity classes from database table «Derby» then i made a helper classes in a java library project then i created a session bean in the enterprise application bean and created a bean facade remote in the java library project

here is the important code part of the session bean :

and then i coded a simple client to test the methods

the problem is every time i run the client i get the error that Lookup failed for ‘officefacade’

here is the complete error text

how to make sure the mapped name is being available and how to fix it so the it can be found by the lookup even if it means hard coding the mapped name in the serial context «i don’t know what this is but it seem as the problem is coming from it»

any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance for your efforts and i’m pretty sure everything is implemented correctly so it’s a mapped name related problem

tools of development is netbeans 8.0.2 and glassfish 4.1

I have a server, and I want to be able to SSH in with two different users. I have setup public key authentication for the first user, and it works just fine, however, I can’t login with the second user. The difference between the authorized_keys file is that, the second user has two keys(both of them fail when authenticating). Both the .ssh directory and the authorized keys file have 755 permissions. The ssh client sends the key, that I want to authenticate with. What could be the problem?

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