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Качественный эмулятор настольного компьютера.
В отличии от такой узнаваемой программы как QEMU, Limbo обладает огромный более широким функционалом и более обширным числом настроек.
В самом начале настройки в окне VM-new вам нужно будет ввести имя вашей системы

  • CPU model – тест-функция, это модель вашего процессора.
  • CPU cores — число ядер.
  • RAM memory — по умолчанию нужно ввести 64.
  • Если у вас имеется образ Iso, то ставьте галочку в разделе CDROM-open, остальное трогать крайне не рекомендуется. Если же образ записан в формате IMG, то кликайте в строке HARD disk(a).

Limbo PC Emulator представляет собой качественный эмулятор настольного ПК. Если сравнивать с узнаваемой версией QEMU, Limbo имеет действительно очень широкий функционал и огромное количество разнообразных настроек. Изначально при заходе в приложение, настройки в окне VM-new тебе нужно будет ввести название твоей системы.

PC Emulation for Andro >Status: Abandoned

Downloads: 4,666 This Week

Last Update: 2019-10-31

Due to time constraints, we haven’t uploaded a new release in quite some time. Please click on the project homepage link to go to the branched project that is releasing current builds.

However, we are still available for support and are able to walk users through using the app. Please feel free to join our Discord server, whether it’s just to chat or help others!

Limbo PC Emulator is a QEMU-based emulator, enabling users to run various operating systems on their devices.

/! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (see support wiki page)!

Copyright (c)2012 Max Kastanas, Uploaded by Vynncent Murphy


  • QEMU Based PC Emulation for Android
  • VNC Server
  • Emulated CPU support — Now supporting x86, ARM, PowerPC, and SPARC!
  • CDROM, Floppy, and Hard Drive image support
  • USB Device support
  • User/NAT Networking
  • Load/Save Machine state
  • Live chat for support (we have a Discord Server)

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Great effort really appreciate it. But its very slow needs a lot of improvements. For running windows applications/games right now the best choice is «ExaGear» (Which uses WINE to run windows executables).

Emulator is work but in SDL interface when I click the three-dot menu it would crash! Please fix it! System is Android 5.1 arm64. My device is LG G4.

Honestly good, been trying for days to install Win95/Win98 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Had a hard time (impossible) until I find on youtube that the Hacker Keyboard was absolutely necessary. Then it turned almost okay, as long as I don’t touch at the option button on the upper right. Actually sometimes it doesn’t crash and you can install Win 98 (I did, it took 4 hours easy) and you can get the keyboard. But if you try to mask the keyboard, well chances are 99% crash. Don’t even try to use the save state, it will automatically crash. That’s too bad but hey, better than nothing. I’ll try to install old games since DosBox doesn’t work. A few corrections would be welcome, especially when we want to mask/display the keyboard or use stave state.

During emulation, if I were to open the tab with the keyboard and mouse settings (the options I guess) the app force closes. It doesn’t do it on my old phone, but it doesn’t have a lot of storage space. My current phone is an HTC desire 816.

Good job with this program, but there’s only a few Oses that work. Cannot work properly with puppy linuxes (any) And cannot run any versión of OS/2 with PM. Would be good if the developer fix this issue.

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