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Насмотревшись на девушек реальных, мы раз в неделю вспоминаем компьютерных героинь. На всякий случай. Вдруг в будущем действительно победят машины?

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Сегодня в сети нашего игрового обозревателя попалась Снайпер Вульф, обладательница героических достоинств и трагической судьбы.

По первоначальной задумке создателя серии Metal Gear Solid Хидео Кодзимы, Снайпер Вульф должна была быть мужчиной. Однако когда художник нарисовал девушку с гигантской винтовкой, образ остался. За него стоит благодарить Йодзи Шинкава: помимо вышеупомянутой работы он сделал еще одну — девушка на ней была топлесс, и возможно именно этот рисунок и изменил первоначальную концепцию.

Согласно сюжету игры, родные и близкие девушки погибли в ходе Ирано-иракской войны. Теперь ей вроде как нечего терять, поэтому она становится снайпером и работает на FOXHOUND. В Metal Gear Solid она является одним из боссов: после неприятной и довольно напряженной дуэли мы ее все-таки убиваем и потом долго смотрим видео, за которое, собственно, и любим этого персонажа до дрожи в мизинцах ног. Снайпер Вульф умирает долго и со вкусом. В подробностях описывает работу снайпера, медленно, словно пасту из тюбика, выдавливая из тебя слезу. Читает свой монолог, лежа на снегу, в окружении вековых елей под вой волков. «Звуки выстрелов, сирены и крики были моей колыбельной». Наконец, обнимает свое ружье и просит прекратить ее страдания. Главный герой встает над телом и поднимает пистолет. Выстрел. Если бы это показывали в кино, ползала бы уже рыдало в попкорн.

Sniper Wolf
Metal Gear character
First appearance Metal Gear Sol >[1] Created by Hideo Kojima Designed by Yoji Shinkawa Voiced by Tasia Valenza (as Julie Monroe) [2]
Naoko Nakamura (Japanese) [3] Information Affiliation FOXHOUND
Big Boss Weapon Heckler & Koch PSG1 Nationality Kurdish

Sniper Wolf (Japanese: スナイパー・ウルフ , Hepburn: Sunaipā Urufu’) is a fictional character from Konami’s Metal Gear series. Created by Hideo Kojima and designed by Yoji Shinkawa, she appears in the 1998 stealth game Metal Gear Solid (as well as its 2004 remake, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes) as one of the game bosses opposing the protagonist Solid Snake and his ally Meryl Silverburgh.

The character is a ruthless and skilled sniper belonging to the renegade U.S. military special operations group FOXHOUND. «Sniper Wolf» is a nom de guerre pseudonym and her real name is undisclosed. She is of Iraqi Kurdish origin and her backstory is connected to the series’ chief protagonist/antagonist character Big Boss, who had rescued her in Iraq when she was a child. Sniper Wolf is widely regarded as one of the most popular and memorable characters in this game as well as in the entire Metal Gear series, as well as one of the top female antagonists in all video gaming.


Appearances [ edit ]

Metal Gear Solid [ edit ]

In Metal Gear Sol >[4] She is also addicted to the drug diazepam. [5]

Born in the Iraqi Kurdistan in 1983 during the Iran–Iraq War, she witnessed the death of her family and thousands of others from a chemical attack by Saddam Hussein’s government troops against the rebellious Kurds when she was five years old. She was captured by Saddam’s forces and taken as an orphan by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior, who brainwashed her and brought a famed Gurkha sniper to train her to be a child combatant for the government. Three years later, during the 1991 uprisings in Iraq, she fled to a Kurdish refugee camp. There, the legendary U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Big Boss noticed her extraordinary abilities and brought her with him to the United States, where she received counselling and deprogramming to remove her Iraqi brainwashing, leaving only her fighting abilities with her. Extremely grateful, she thought of Big Boss as a modern Saladin and followed him in whatever he d >[5] [6]

In the alternate year 2005, during the Shadow Moses Island inc >[7] She cares for the huskies that Liqu >[5] [8] [9] [10] [11] Sol >[5] [12] Sniper Wolf’s ghost can be seen if the player uses the in-game photo camera on her body. [13]

Other appearances [ edit ]

Sniper Wolf was originally planned to make a voice-over cameo appearance in Metal Gear Sol >[4] Her spirit shows up as a wolf in Metal Gear Sol >[14] in which an unrelated character named Crying Wolf also appears to engage in a sniper duel against Sol >[15] Sniper Wolf’s costume can also be developed for the character Quiet in Metal Gear Sol >[16]

A special Sniper Wolf character card appears in the non-canon spin-off game Metal Gear Ac >[17] Some other developers have also given homage type nods to the character, such as with an item «MGS Sniper Wulf Mk. II» in EA Montreal’s Army of Two (2008) [18] and a weapon «MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe» in the PlayStation 3 version of Visceral Games’ The Godfather II (2009). [19]

A 1/8 scale Sniper Wolf action figure was released by McFarlane Toys in 1998. [20] Two 1/6 scale figures were also released only in Japan by Yamato (an action figure) [21] and Studio Saru Bunshitsu (a garage kit). [22] [23] In 2012, Sniper Wolf was chosen by Konami as one of their 64 iconic characters to participate in the Konami E3 Battle event, where she lost against Metal Gear REX in the semi-final fourth round. [24] A «bishoujo statue» designed by Shunya Yamashita based on Shinkawa’s original picture was released by Kotobukiya in 2016. [25]

Conception and design [ edit ]

According to the Metal Gear series character artist Yoji Shinkawa, the >[26] Shinkawa designed her with green hair, [27] but she appears as a sandy blonde in the game; [14] he also made a topless picture of her. [28] Kojima sa >[29] [30] [31] and recalled he had a hard time «trying to explain the concept of MGS ‘ Sniper Wolf battle» to his staff. [32] One of her lines is also a direct quote from the film Blue Velvet.

Asked about his favorite Metal Gear character in a 2003 interview, Sol >[33] When he was asked in 2014 about his favourite Metal Gear moments, Kojima himself chose Wolf’s death as the first scene to talk about. [34] In 2019, Jordan Vogt-Roberts showed a concept art of Sniper Wolf’s death scene while announcing his potential Metal Gear Sol >[35]

Reception [ edit ]

The character was well received in part because of her sex appeal. For that reason, Sniper Wolf ranked as 37th «hottest babe in games» by GameDaily in 2008 [36] and was included in UGO’s list of the 50 «hottest babes in games» in 2011. [37] She was ranked as the tenth sexiest PlayStation character by PlayStation Universe in 2010, who added that «this character takes a special place in our hearts,» [38] and in 2014 was included among the top 10 «hottest» female villains in gaming and «old school hotties that still got it» by Cheat Code Central’s Travis Huber, who stated that «she was so loved and talked about that H >[39] [40]

—IGN PlayStation Team in 2008

Sniper Wolf was also acclaimed as one of the best boss type and antagonist characters in the Metal Gear series or even in all v >[41] In 2008, readers of IGN voted her at the top position on the list of the Metal Gear series villains, the staff commenting: «Who else could number one be but the incredibly beautiful, and impossibly deadly, Sniper Wolf?» and adding that «it’s safe to say Wolf earned more votes than just about every other villain combined, a fact that doesn’t surprise us at all.» [4] That same year, IGN PlayStation Team ranked the fight against her as the sixth best boss battle in the series, [27] while the staff of GameSpy placed her seventh on their list. [42] In 2010, the staff of IGN ranked Sniper Wolf as the 92nd top v >[14] In 2015, she was included on several lists of the best boss fights in the Metal Gear series, including by Sean Garmer of 411mania, [43] Dustin Spino of Cinelinx, [44] and the staff of IGN, chosen by Zach Ryan. [45]

Regarding her personality issues, sometimes perceived as complicated, Sniper Wolf was ranked as the 25th top «chick behaving badly» in all entertainment by IGN’s Scott Collura in 2008, [46] featured as one of nine «bad girls of v >[47] and ranked as the seventh top «bitch in games» by Gavin Mackenzie of PLAY in 2010. [48] Complex ranked her as the ninth «most diabolical v >[49] In 2012, Complex ranked her as ninth on the list of some of the most evil women in v >[50]

The scene of Sniper Wolf wounding Meryl to set a trap for Snake was included among the top ten cutscenes in the Metal Gear series by Jeremy M. Loss of Joystick Division in 2010 [51] and ranked as the seventh most shocking surprise in v >[52] In Trigger Happy, Steven Poole noted how the «brillantly manipulative» Metal Gear Sol >[53] In 2012, Ryan King of PLAY included the character of Sniper Wolf among the six «things you d >[9] and Ian Dransfield from the same magazine included her among the top «bad guys you wanted to win». [54] In 2015, Aleksander Gilyadov from VentureBeat included Sniper Wolf’s death among six most memorable Metal Gear moments opining it «still remains as one of the most poignant and beautiful scenes in the entire series. It also displays just how multilayered, benign, and well-written Kojima’s characters (both heroes and villains) really are.» [55] That same year, Javy Gwaltney from Paste had this scene top his list of the saddest moments in Metal Gear. [56]

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