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Acer website list a bunch of models compatible with win10, i saw w701, w701p, but no w700 ? i don’t quite understand why, and i did try update my w700 to the latest win8.1 version, and still no the get win10 app in task tray? anyone with any luck?

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Worked for me. Only thing that I can’t get working is the bluetooth keyboard.

I used the media creation tool at the below link to force the upgrade:

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Worked for me. Only thing that I can’t get working is the bluetooth keyboard.

I used the media creation tool at the below link to force the upgrade:

thanks, i will go check it

thank you very much, that solved the whole problem!! I didn’t even need to wait for microsoft’s push upate notification or anything, just updated right away. after installation, i found it using about 32g of my hard drive, and i google it, win10 should be around 12g, which means some old files from my win8.1 or other programs were still there and i could not identify them, win10 has a new function to restore/reset it to ‘clean’ status just like android, sweet! it took about 10-15mins, a clean 13g win10, maybe the old backup win8.1 was gone, but who cares? win8.1 sucks! i will never go back to win8.1 anyway.

and regards to your bluetooth keyborad issue, i could not use it at the beginning, but went to bluetooth setting and rescan new devices, the keybord showed up and sync, done. so far, wifi, gaming, sound, battery life, everything is working, much better GUI, user friendly,now i would say win10 finally works like a tablet OS. and thank you again

yeah i got my keyoard working. Not sure what happened at first. Installed the windows 8.1 bluetooth drivers, then uninstalled the bluetooth module driver all together. The next time windows 10 booted, it installed and was able to detect keyboard.

I am in the process of updating all the computers in my house to Windows 10 and it has been fairly painless so far for most of the devices. However, I cannot get my Iconia W700 tablet to recognize the Bluetooth keyboard.

It is the keyboard with integrated cover, and I’ve followed the procedure, as stated on Acer’s website, of holding the power button on the keyboard for 5 seconds to put it into discovery mode, and then adding a device from the Bluetooth device menu. Obviously the menus have new locations, but are not hard to find.

I updated the Bluetooth driver on the tablet but that did not remedy the issue. I looked around and couldn’t find any mention of this problem here or elsewhere, probably since Windows 10 just launched a few days ago.

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Ok, so I’m not sure if the driver was actually the issue, but the Acer documentation on putting the Bluetooth keyboard into pairing mode requires you to press and hold the power button until the two LEDs on the keyboard start to alternate like on a police car.

If someone is reading this and this still doesn’t allow you to pair the keyboard, then here are the steps to get the proper Bluetooth driver:

  1. Open the Device Manager (right-click windows icon in bottom left)
  2. Expand the «Bluetooth» category in the Device Manager
  3. Right click the Bluetooth driver (should be the first in the list if there are multiple devices listed)
  4. Click Uninstall
  5. Restart the tablet. The Bluetooth driver will be reinstalled on reboot.
  6. Open the Device Manager again after you log in
  7. Right click the Bluetooth driver and click «Update Driver Software. «
  8. Select the option for Windows to search for the driver software.
  9. An update should be downloaded and installed.
  10. Now repeat the pairing steps detailed above, and you should see an option to pair the keyboard appear in your Bluetooth settings.

I’ve subscribed to this thread so if anyone has a problem, just reply and I will try to help you sort it out.

Оригинальные программы (драйверы)


Драйверы для операционной системы: Windows 8.1 32-bit

ME (Management Engine)Driver

Другие драйвера (DPTF)

Wireless LAN Driver

Wireless LAN Driver (WLAN+Bluetooth driver)

Если после обновления до Windows 10 некоторые драйверы не были установлены, запустите «Центр обновления Windows» для установки необходимых драйверов.

Драйверы для операционной системы: Windows 8 32-bit


Intel iAMT Driver

Wireless LAN Driver


Battery MSDS UN383 CNAS COO for air transportation


Некорректное обновление BIOS может нарушить работу вашего продукта Acer. Соблюдайте осторожность.


для операционной системы: Windows 8.1 32-bit

You must be install DPTF driver before install LPM

для операционной системы: Windows 8 32-bit

You must be install DPTF driver before install LPM

Fix windows8 recovery issue by USB flash Driver


Live Updater Application

ePower Management Application

Программное обеспечение — . С помощью драйвера операционная система получает доступ к аппаратному обеспечению устройства.

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